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Space Radiation Highlights

Featured Principal Investigator
principal investigator
Catherine Davis
Behavioral Biology Research Center
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Baltimore Maryland
Area of Research -
Effects of Radiation on the Brain
Examples of Dr. Davis' Published Articles

Individual differences in attentional deficits and dopaminergic protein levels following exposure to proton radiation.
Davis CM, DeCicco-Skinner KL, Roma PG, Hienz RD. Radiation Research (2014).

Deficits in sustained attention and changes in dopaminergic protein levels following exposure to proton radiation are related to basal dopaminergic function.
Davis, CM, DeCicco-Skinner KL, and Hienz RD, PloS one (2015).

A rodent model of the human psychomotor vigilance test: Performance comparisons.
Davis, Catherine M., Peter G. Roma, and Robert D. Hienz. Journal of neuroscience methods (2016).

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